Patricia Lynn Belkowitz, M.Msc., C.Ht., EFT


What do Patricia’s clients say about her services?

“I want to thank you for the role you played in helping me rediscover my “inner artist.” Mandala-making has become a pretty frequent meditation practice and stress-reduction technique for me. I’ve also gotten on a more creative path in general since working with you.” K.K., Minneapolis, MN

“You are open to anything that is brought up, insightful on many different topics, non-threatening, non-judgmental and very positive and upbeat as well as empathetic. The most helpful healing aspects were EFT, past-life regression and talking to my spirit guide.” S. J. Seattle, WA

“The session was very relaxing. I did find you very personable and fun.” J.J., Moorpark, CA

“I’ve been able to start on my second career with greater confidence than every experienced before.” J.G., Newbury Park, CA

“I believe that EFT as well as the guided imagery and self-hypnosis have been invaluable (especially EFT!). Putting me in touch with my own “magic wand” has been of tremendous value, even in ways I didn’t anticipate.” C.W., Camarillo, CA

“Hypnotherapy helps. My child is very impulsive and aggressive. She now understands better how her actions affect others. Patricia, you are just so sweet. My kids trust you completely.” C.V., Newbury Park, CA

“I achieved my goal of going back to school with confidence and receiving much more clarity and direction in my life. I received the jump start needed to gain my momentum.” D.N., Thousand Oaks, CA

My husband and I struggled for five years to have a child. You helped me relax, get in touch with my body, visualize my goal, focus on positive energy and embrace the power of my spirit. I can joyfully say that I am now a mom with a beautiful baby boy! How do you say thank you to someone who helped make your dreams come true. There are no words…Thank you, Patricia!” K.K., Thousand Oaks, CA

“I’ve been able to cope with my wife’s cancer treatment.” Others would benefit “especially if there are hopeless concerns, serious health concerns for self and others.” J.J.G., Newbury Park, CA

“Thanks for your positive attitude. It is a joy to be around you.” K.D., Newbury Park, CA

“Yes, the hypnotherapy process was valuable. Most valuable to me was the listening to me. Yes, it was enjoyable.” R.D., Thousand Oaks, CA

“All the sessions have been helpful. You’ve been great.” D.C., Westlake Village, CA

“I definitely felt a lot better about myself. I was able to face issues and learned to face certain emotions. I learned a lot from the tapping technique.” E.C., West Hills, CA

“Helped me to change my thinking about moving on and passing test. You have a great spirit and a calming voice. Sessions were extremely helpful.” E.P.M., Thousand Oaks, CA

“I was seeking a change in part of my behavior. I truly believe that it is in better control. I was skeptical but do not feel that it is a coincidence that there is a change.” B.S., Agoura, CA

“The tapping and self-hypnosis are very helpful tools to use really for the rest of your life. I love it. By coming to you and through hypnosis, I don’t dwell on negative thoughts anymore. I finally let go and it’s not an issue anymore. It really works. Thank you!” M.G., Newbury Park, CA

“You radiate such positive energy. I felt so much more uplifted after seeing you.” L.A., Encino, CA

“I feel more relaxed now. I enjoyed the sessions with you very much.” A.G., Newbury Park, CA

“Your services would benefit all those who are serious about wanting to improve themselves. After the session on test performance, I went in confident and ready with hardly any anxiety.” H.T., Oxnard, CA

“You make the person feel very relaxed and safe, so they can let down their guard and enjoy the process.” D.P., Oakpark, CA

“I always look forward to my sessions with Patricia because her joyful spirit is contagious.” K.L., Westlake, CA

“Hypnotherapy is a massage for the brain. It is enjoyable and affirming.”
J.F., Carmel, CA

“I really appreciated your ability to understand so much about me in such a short time. Hypnotherapy has helped me know myself, develop greater clarity of purpose and to align more of my actions with my heart’s desire.”
K.K.L., Westlake Village, CA

“My knee (chronic pain and difficulty using stairs) was greatly improved after just one session. Hypnotherapy worked!”
M.K., Ventura, CA

“I can now relax when I feel stressed.” J.L., Canyon Country, CA

“I had much better understanding of the possibilities of using my mind to help heal myself.” S.C., Livermore, CA

“You came at enlightenment from many angles so I could choose which would work for me best. I became more aware.” D.M., Moorpark, CA

“Our sessions were fun, stimulating and insightful. I always left feeling confident, hopeful and happy. You are a joy to work with. You are so positive and inspiring. You really care about your clients and invest yourself in their success.” K.K., Thousand Oaks, CA

“The hypnotherapy process has helped me to find my calm center during the stressful day. It helps me clear my mind of negative thoughts and helps me focus. I was very skeptical and nervous, but once you explained it and what

was going to happen, it was really, really enjoyable and very therapeutic.” C.M., Newbury Park, CA

“I believe that you raised my consciousness as to what I could do myself to help myself. “  M.G., Westlake Village, CA

“I must admit that the sessions with you probably did more good than the different counseling I had over the past 9 years.” C.F., Ventura, CA

“It (Hypnotherapy) has been helpful and is very enjoyable!” J.C., Thousand
Oaks, CA

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