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Individual Sessions for Behavior and Perception Modification

A Session consists of an exploration of what you need and what you want to accomplish…your issues and concerns or your goals and aspirations. You will be given a brief overview of the Theory of Mind to help you understand how your subconscious programming affects your beliefs and motivation. You will also be given a general overview of the Subtle Energy Body to help you to become more aware of how your thoughts affect your emotions which affect the health of your physical body. Depending on your needs, you may experience a Meridian Therapy/Tapping session. You will experience a hypnotic induction and achieve a physically relaxed state where you will receive specific and individualized subconscious programming through Hypnotic suggestion.

In successive Sessions, you will be further conditioned to the alpha state of mind where you are more receptive and creative. Sessions may include Meridian Therapy or Therapeutic Imagery. Assignments may be given which may include reading, affirmations, mind maps, self-hypnosis or art projects.

Services consist of a program of conditioning which may include an undetermined number of private Sessions, depending on your individual needs. Patricia will endeavor to the best of her ability to accomplish the objectives of your sessions. (Disclosure)

I’d like to ask you a few questions…

Do you need to improve your memory or concentration? 

How about a boost to your Self-confidence? Motivation?

Do you feel anxious?  Do you need to learn how to relax and reduce stress?

Do you suffer from fears…of public speaking…of flying…of performance?

Would you like to enhance your career and add to your prosperity?

How is your health? Do you need to prepare for surgery? How about surgical recovery?

Would you like to excel in sports performance? Or performance in the arts?

Would you like to start and/or maintain an exercise program? Let go of extra weight?

Are there habits you’d like to eliminate from your life … smoking… nail-biting… tardiness… over-thinking?

Do you suffer from chronic pain or sleeplessness?

Do you need help to deal with loss and grief?

Do you want to enhance your creativity and your self-expression?

How are your relationships? Would you like to learn strategies to improve them?

Do you want to learn how to attract the ideal mate for you? To create a loving, long-term relationship? Would you like a more satisfying sex life?

Do you want to increase your fertility or prepare for childbirth?

How are your children? Would you like to help them? 

Do you need help coping with the stress of being a parent? Or the stress of being a caregiver for a parent?

Would you like to explore another time…another place…another life?


House Calls are available with a minimum travel time of $25 per hour

A sliding scale is available for those in financial need. Please call to discuss your options.

Healing Session with Patricia: $225

Access the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Hypnotherapy can help you to find your bliss. It can help you to create the life you want…a healthy, happy and prosperous life. It is a process of building a bridge between what you want and what you do… a process of creating a new reality.

Hypnosis is like a daydream, a way of directing the imagination to help mind and body bring health and strength into being, and to perform as needed. Our physical bodies don’t know the difference between sensory images created in our minds… and sensory images in what we call reality.

Hypnosis gives us access to the power of our subconscious mind, our goal achieving machine. And when we enter this power center, we leave behind our physical stress and experience a feeling of complete relaxation. Senses are heightened. Endorphins are produced. With the guidance of a certified hypnotherapist, perceptions and behaviors are changed.

I am very excited about the many applications for the use of hypnotherapy and I believe you will share this excitement when you realize the many ways hypnotherapy can help you. Your commitment to your goals and desires will create change. Anything you set your mind to accomplish is possible, if you believe.

Emotional Freedom/Meridian Therapy

Clear Your Energy Body

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a form of Meridian Therapy, or Thought Field Therapy, sometimes referred to as Energy Psychology. When we experience a negative emotion or physical discomfort or pain, it is because there has been a disruption in our energy system. The thought energy affects the emotional energy which affects the physical energy. EFT works by tapping on a series of points on the body which correspond to acupuncture points in the meridian system. Tapping on the conduits between the energy body and the physical body releases blockages and limitations and enhances the well-being and functioning of the individual. EFT is an emotional version of acupuncture, except you stimulate the meridian points by tapping on them with your fingertips.

Used successfully for both physical and emotional issues, EFT is very effective for releasing limitations, fears and traumatic memories. It is also helpful with cravings, addictions and habits.

When we think about something in the past that caused us pain or sadness or anger, we experience that emotion all over again. It has been stored in our energy body or biofield. We have actually created a neural pathway within the physical body which ensures that we will experience the same response again in the present moment…even though the experience happened in the past. Fortunately, the system also works to trigger an emotion for any thought about a positive emotion or experience.

 Belief in the process is unnecessary. EFT is like gravity or electricity. It works whether you believe in it or not. In order to achieve results, you just have to do it. Persistently and consistently.

Therapeutic Imagery
Use Your Mindsight

Therapeutic Imagery allows you to access unique and insightful information through images, the language of the emotional right brain. It has been used for thousands of years to facilitate healing, enhance performance and relieve symptoms of both physical and emotional ailments. It allows you to safely explore many issues and tap into your innermost resource – the subconscious mind.

Everyone has unique personal symbols based on life experience, and when tapped into during the state of hypnosis, you are able to maximize your depth of involvement and self-direction in the imagery process. Therapeutic imagery is like lucid or directed dreaming, allowing a dialogue between client and facilitator where valuable messages may be recognized and then reinforced with direct suggestions.

Imagery can be used as a means of self-discovery. Inner exploration is a wonderful way to become aware of your innate gifts, strengths, and resources. When we allow the self to inquire within and invite images to come up, we are better able to understand our motivations, priorities, and passions. We find inspiration, and release subconscious limitations. Therapeutic Imagery is an effective way to change your “life script” or past programming.


“Imagery is a flow of thoughts you can see, hear, feel, smell or taste. An image is an inner representation of your experience or your fantasies – a way your mind codes, stores, and expresses information. Imagery is the currency of dreams and daydreams; memories and reminiscence; plans, projections and possibilities. It is the language of the arts, the emotions and most imortant, of the deeper self. 

~  Martin L. Rossman, M.D. from Healing Yourself


Accept Universal Healing Energy

Hypno-Reiki is a combination of two powerful methods of healing, Hypnosis and Reiki. Each method has proven to be effective, but when used together, the modality has great potential. In the hypnotic state, we are open to positive suggestions and imagery which will create change. It is an ideal time to implement other therapeutic modalities, such as Reiki, because our whole system is primed to healing. Reiki, a healing practice originated in Japan, is a non-invasive, gentle modality which translates to “spiritually guided life force energy or universal healing energy”. It helps the body’s natural ability to heal itself through the flow and focusing of energy.

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Presentations & Workshops

Patricia Lynn Belkowitz, M.Msc., C.Ht., EFT-CC is an accomplished speaker in the areas of motivation, well-being, sexuality and positive thought. The Hypnosis Motivation Institute, American Hypnosis Association, Women’s Expo Ventura County and Erotica-LA., are a few of the organizations who have welcomed Patricia as a keynote speaker. She has also presented at many civic and charitable organizations, business clubs, wellness centers, and health clubs. Whether coping with physical issues; unresolved feelings or fears; habit control; life changes or motivational mindset; Patricia helps you to let go of limiting beliefs and past negative programming.

Her presentations are always well-received by audiences of all ages. Informative, entertaining and thought-provoking, Patricia combines practical information with the best of mind-body practices, science and spirituality. You will learn the newest, innovative methods and ground-breaking techniques blended with ancient esoteric teachings and universal laws.

Dynamic and enthusiastic, Patricia has an intuitive ability to connect with any size audience and meet their needs. A passionate and knowledgeable speaker, she inspires and motivates as she weaves engaging stories with an interactive presentation. The audience will discover that happiness and well-being is not just a state of mind, it is a choice.

Sanctuary – A Creative Visualization/Meditation

Enjoy a journey to the innermost reaches of your subconscious mind, as you design and explore an ideal environment where you can relax, refresh and recharge. Learn simple techniques to quiet your mind and invite healing fantasy into your life. Escape from everyday stress with an imaginary vacation in your own personal sanctuary. Since your mind doesn’t know the difference between what you imagine and what you perceive to be reality, your body receives the benefits of a “getaway”.

Choose Your Thoughts. Choose Your Life.

Whether you’re happy with it or not, your life is the result of your thoughts. You have successfully fulfilled the intentions and beliefs of the story you have created.  Learn to focus your attention on what you want, not on what you don’t want! Take control of your life. Become aligned with your goals and use the Law of Attraction to create your personal vision of success.  Let go of self-imposed limitations and negative beliefs as you learn to reinforce positive behaviors and choices. Apply these principles to your career, your health, your relationships, your finances, or any aspect of your life.

Choose Your Thoughts. Choose Your Body

The number one factor influencing your health and physical state of being is your subconscious mind – your thoughts. Learn to nourish yourself to health. Let go of shame, judgments and negative beliefs. Become aware of behaviors. Gain motivation and increase self-confidence. Awareness is the first step to change.

Sexploration for Women: The discovery and adventure of intimacy and sexual satisfaction.

Regardless of your age, orientation, habits, preferences, religious/spiritual teachings, marital/relationship status, or any other self-created obstacle… Whether you’re not getting enough, getting too much, getting the wrong kind, celibate, sex-addicted or dysfunctional… Do you want more intimacy in your life? Would you like to experience a full and satisfying expression of your sexuality?

Explore your desires and fantasies. Increase your ability to experience pleasure. Release limiting beliefs, fears and inhibitions. Boost your sexual self-esteem and confidence.

How to Activate Your Pleasure Center – A Presentation for Men and Women

Our thoughts affect our health and well-being and create our physical experience. There are no greater enemies to sexual pleasure than anxiety and stress! Often we keep ourselves from experiencing satisfaction by the inability to relax the body or the practice of focusing on distracting thoughts. Learn to focus on the pleasure, the connection with your partner and the entire sensory happening. Desire begins in the Mind, the master control center of all erotic encounters. Everything begins with a thought. Choose your thoughts. Choose the good ones. And your body will respond.

Mind Medicine – Is Your Heart Up-Beat or Are You Beat-Up?

Are you enjoying a happy, healthy, care-free life? Or are you suffering a life of stress and illness? Could your thoughts be making you sick? Understand how your thoughts literally create your emotions; and how your emotions create your well-being or your dis-ease. Learn how a more positive attitude about life boosts your immune system and general well-being. Explore the basics of the mind-body connection. Learn to identify the ways that your body speaks to you. Understand your body’s language and benefit from this communication. Are you listening?

How Do I Get There?  One Step At A Time.

Are you dis-satisfied and ready to make a change? Do you want to make a move but you’re not sure where to go? Or how to get there? Learn how to set and achieve your goals with a simple step by step method. Using the power of your thoughts and the power of your own mind, anything you want to have, or do, or be, is possible… if you allow yourself permission to succeed. Create goals which will help you to achieve a joyful life.

Your Parents Were Wrong! Reclaiming Your Own Truth

Subconscious programming creates your lifescript, your behaviors, your actions and your re-actions. From the moment of birth, you are labeled and conditioned by the beliefs of others. Are you living the life of your dreams? Or are you living a nightmare? Do you make bad choices based on beliefs that you’re not “good enough”, “smart enough”, or “beautiful enough”, to do better? Is your subconscious mind limiting your performance and keeping you “where you belong”? Learn to see yourself in a new way. Learn to love and accept yourself as you are right now!

Let Go of Your Baggage and Lead a “Carry-on” Life  – Align Your Thought Field

Are you paying the price of carrying around excess baggage? Would you like to learn to travel light? By simply tapping on a series of acupressure points, you can break free of self-defeating patterns and let go of negative emotions. Learn fast, easy, remarkable techniques and experience immediate results. Heal old wounds that create pain whenever you think of them. Break away from stress-producing emotions such as fear, anger, frustration and sadness. Choose to be at peace. Achieve balance and harmony in your life.

The Power of Attraction – Creating a “Worthy” Man

Would you like to be in a loving and committed relationship? Have you given up hope of meeting “Mr. Right”? Do you want a man who is worthy of your attention, but find that you attract losers and dead-beats who break your heart? Consider that your thoughts about what you don’t want are just as powerful as thoughts about what you do want. Learn how to attract someone who will love you for who you are right now. Learn to love yourself first.

Crystals & Gemstones – Healing Rays of Light

Quantum physics has shown that what we perceive to be solid matter is actually 99.9999% empty space filled with energy. Crystal and gemstone healing involves Prana, the energy that fills the spaces between atoms of solid matter and connects all living things. By understanding that all matter is energy, it is easier to understand how people can be affected by quartz crystal and colored gemstones. Explore historical references and legends; effects of planetary rays; healing properties of light, color and vibrational frequencies.

Where is Your Sushumna? And Why Should You Care? – An introduction to the Energy Body and the Chakra System

Learn the basics of the chakra system, an ancient system of healing and wholeness. Explore the qualities of each of the major energy centers known as chakras. Understand how to create balance throughout the physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Discover how an out of balance chakra can influence your well-being. Identify and access the hidden and powerful healing forces within you.

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