Patricia Lynn Belkowitz, M.Msc., C.Ht., EFT


Science tells us that stress is the cause of 80% of all disease. Stress kills. Anxiety kills. You create anxiety about the future when you think negative thoughts about the future. You are making up the future! Your body is reacting to your thoughts. The mind doesn’t know the difference between what you are imagining and what you are perceiving to be your reality. It reacts now…the only time there is. When you are thinking about the future, you are thinking about it now.

That now moment can work to your advantage. When you start to feel stressed about the future. Stop it. And stop it right now. Take a deep breath. And another. And again. Be aware that in this now moment, everything is ok. And even though it might be difficult when you’re feeling stressed and anxious, tell yourself to think another thought. I want to remind you that you create your life with your thoughts. Every thought you have affects your emotions. Every thought you think affects your body. You create your wellness. And you create your illness. Begin now to believe that your natural state of being is a state of health and well-being.

What you tell yourself determines what you are and are not able to do. So tell yourself to relax and be at peace in the moment. Choose a love based thought rather than a fear based thought. Choose self-compassion. I’ll remind you that there are really only two emotions – love and fear.

Research tells us that positive thoughts affect the condition of the body in a positive way. We also know that positive thoughts about others can influence the condition of their body.

You’ve heard of prayer, right? Pray this. Think this. Thank you God/Spirit/Universe for my healthy body. Thank you for the healing of those who need healing. Thank you for the health of our planet. Thank you, God. Do this whenever you feel fear. Remember you are not alone. You are never alone. You are supported by the All knowing, All loving Source of All that Is.

I think that what is happening is happening FOR us. I believe everything that happens is FOR us. Every one on the entire planet has been reminded that we are all One. And that every one of us matters, just because we exist.

We are being shown that it doesn’t matter what country you live in; what your political views are or what religion you practice. We can see that it doesn’t matter the color of your skin or your ethnicity. We are simply human sharing a home together.

We’ve also been reminded that sometimes it’s really important to separate from the outside world and to go within. Rather than thinking about quarantine and social distancing, think of this as a retreat. We can all use a retreat.

We are being asked to teach our children and cook meals together in our homes rather than sending them off to school and feeding them out of bags. We are being forced to separate ourselves from outside influences and create life in a new way. We’re keeping our loved ones close. We are honoring our elders. We are reminded of the sanctity of life.

Mother Earth is experiencing positive side effects from the illness. Evidence shows that our planet is healing. The skies over China are clear. The waters in Venice are clear. In this moment, we have stopped the destruction of our environment. We have been given the opportunity to heal.

I’ve often seen that when someone is going in the wrong direction, God will whisper. It may be an intuitive knowing that is ignored. If their behavior continues, God may put an obstacle in their way to slow them down. There may be loss or illness that prevents someone from doing something. If the obstacle is ignored and the behavior continues, God will reach out with a steady hand and stop them from going any further.

I think maybe we all need to pause and consider our direction. We need to look for all the signs pointing to Love and Oneness. We are being directed towards Empathy, Compassion and Joy.

The “end of the world as we know it” might not be such a bad thing.



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