Patricia Lynn Belkowitz, M.Msc., C.Ht., EFT



Change is the one thing we can rely on. Guaranteed. Everything is temporary. Change is a universal truth which can be difficult to accept. We don’t want things to end. We want to go back to the way things were. We often fear change rather than embrace it. Change is an unknown and that is scary.

As a shaman, it is my practice to observe the natural world of plants and animals. This provides me with information and insight. I learn from the attributes and qualities of the furred ones, the finned ones and the winged ones. I watch the creepy crawlers and accept that there are messages that come as metaphors. One of the messengers of change is the dragonfly.  Amazing and beautiful change. A change that does not allow you to return to the way things were. A change that shows you that the only time you have is now. A change that allows you to fly…

Dragonfly symbolizes change…change which comes from going deeper into the meaning of life. This kind of change often requires blind faith until we understand its purpose in our lives. We must learn to accept that everything is unfolding as it is to be. Dragonfly reminds us not to fear change that comes from going deeper. We need to develop a depth of character and wisdom which rises above whatever circumstances change brings. The dragonfly lives a very short life filled with dramatic change. Mostly spending its time as a nymph beneath the water’s surface in the aquatic larval stage, the adults may be on the wing for just a few days or weeks. The dragonfly must adapt to the changes in its life’s circumstances.

The symbol of dragonfly reminds us that life is short and tells us to live fully now; to be fully present in each moment. What is the key to presence? Acceptance of your self is the key to presence. To love and accept yourself as you are right now. Sometimes that’s not easy. But if we accept and celebrate the brief life we have the opportunity to experience… no matter what is happening… we become empowered with presence.

The dragonfly shows us that we all dance between worlds. Between living everyday life on the surface versus embracing the circumstances that create change in our lives… the vital growth and the lessons we are meant to learn and our connection to spirit. We must embrace both the mundane world of matter and the metaphysical world of spirit. There is far more to life than what is visible.

When we lack understanding of our spiritual nature, we become victims of the illusion of physical life. We come to believe that everything is what it seems to be. Yet we often come to discover that nothing is what it seems. Since life is a journey of self-discovery, we are constantly in the process of finding our true self. Just as the dragonfly grows its iridescent wings so that it can fly, we are able to release the doubts and judgements that keep us trapped in our self-created illusions. When we take a risk, we learn to trust that we can succeed.

Dragonflies have multiple cell vision which enables them to literally see 360 degrees around them. We can become open to what is possible when we use our vision to see beyond our own limitations, beyond the visible mundane world and into the world within …where all things are possible. When we go within we are able to connect with our emotions to find healing and create peace. We find our personal power when we accept what is happening right now in the moment, knowing that everything is temporary.

The dragonfly accepts life’s changes and embraces its destiny. It adapts to its surroundings with ease and grace. Seeing beyond limitations, dragonfly accepts itself as it is right now. Consider the lessons of the dragonfly. Have faith in your ability to adapt to changing circumstances in the physical world! You are more than that. You are timeless and eternal. You can handle change.