Patricia Lynn Belkowitz, M.Msc., C.Ht., EFT




Align Your Thought Field – Tap into Positive Energy – An Excerpt from The Mind Matters Manifestation Manual

Thought energy affects emotional energy which affects physical energy. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is an unconventional method which offers remarkable results. It can be used to release negative thoughts and emotions and reinforce positive affirmations and beliefs. You can let go of limiting beliefs that keep you from living the life you want. EFT can also be used to focus and choose positive thoughts by affirming what you want. Since you are only able to process one emotion at a time, you must make a choice. EFT helps you to make that choice energetically. Belief in the process is unnecessary. EFT is like gravity or electricity. It works whether you believe in it or not. In order to achieve results, you just have to do it. Persistently and consistently.

“ One can’t believe impossible things,” Alice said. “I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” said Lewis Carroll.

I’d like you to consider that in the 1850’s, Louis Pasteur was thought to be a lunatic. His theories about invisible “germs” were highly disputed. But, when he insisted that doctors wash their hands after working on cadavers and before delivering babies, the mortality rate dropped from 30% to 2%. After that, the medical establishment changed their beliefs. We may not understand how gravity or electricity or x-rays work, but we are still bound by these “impossible” universal laws. It doesn’t matter if we believe, or not.

Science tells us that ALL matter (including the human body) is made of atoms. No one disputes this fact. Nor does anyone dispute that atoms are made of energy. Einstein further emphasized this point with his Theory of Relativity. In simple terms, this means that physical matter (ALL matter, including the human body) is made of energy. Even though we may appear to be solid, our foundation is made of energy.

EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a form of Energy Psychology, Meridian Therapy, or Thought Field Therapy. It is based on the idea that we are beings of energy. Much research has shown the body’s energy system is electro-mechanical, electro-optical, electro-acoustic and electromagnetic. It can be directly engineered just like a computer. It is a vehicle receiving a variety of signals which it processes and to which it responds. Tapping a meridian point delivers mechanical energy. The energy is converted to an electrical signal. This signal acts as a carrier wave. It is no different than adjusting the color, contrast, focus and brightness on the TV in order to get a clear picture.

If you consider a wanted or unwanted thought, you will feel a wanted or unwanted emotion. If you choose to change the thought, you’ve changed the emotion, and therefore you have changed the creation. It is simply a matter of choose your thought…choose your life. The Mind Matters.

If you’ve been alive for more than a day, I’m sure you’ve experienced a negative emotion. In fact, if we even think about something in the past that caused us pain or sadness or anger, we experience that emotion over again. We have actually created a neural pathway which insures that the same response will happen. Fortunately, the system also works for any thought about a positive emotion or experience.

When we experience a negative emotion or physical discomfort or pain, it is because there has been a disruption in our energy system…kind of like sticking a fork into an electrical outlet. The thought energy affects the emotional energy which affects the physical energy.

EFT works by tapping on a series of points on the body which correspond to acupuncture points in the energy meridian system. Tapping on the conduits between the energy body and the physical body releases blockages and limitations and enhances the well-being and functioning of the individual. EFT is an emotional version of acupuncture, except you stimulate the meridian points by tapping on them with your fingertips.

Tuning into a problem or a limiting belief can be done by simply thinking about it. Thinking will bring about the energy disruptions involved which then …and only then… can be balanced by tapping the 10-Step Sequence.

Release Negative Emotions – Rate the negative emotions, beliefs or experiences using a number scale from 1 to 10, giving each a rating about how bad it makes you feel—a subjective unit of discomfort (SUD). Take a deep breath, focus on your issue and create a set-up phrase, which identifies the problem. “Even though I have …(this problem)… I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Examples of (this problem) may be something like:

“Even though my father told me I was lazy and stupid…”

“Even though I’ve failed before…”

“Even though I’m overweight and don’t like my body…”

“Even though I feel panic and anxiety about my bills…”

Using two fingers begin by tapping on the first spot of the 10-Step Sequence. It doesn’t matter if you tap on either your right or left side. Or, where possible, you can use both hands while tapping through the 10-Step Sequence; tapping on both sides of the body at the same time.

1    Tap on the side of the hand at the karate chop point. While tapping, focus on your issue and breathe deeply. Do this while repeating the set-up phrase three times.

Now, while saying “releasing (this problem)”… “don’t need (this problem)”… “letting go of (this problem)” …”giving myself permission to let go of (this problem)”… “allowing myself to be free of (this problem)” …tap on the remaining spots of the 10-Step Sequence:

     2      inner eyebrow

     3     outer eyebrow

     4     under eye

     5      under nose

     6       chin

     7      collarbone

    8      under arm

    9      crown of head

10    side of hand at the karate chop point repeat “Even though I have (this problem), I deeply and completely love and accept myself and I choose to let it go now!”

Evaluate your SUD and repeat the process until you have reached a level of comfort. Try this, “Even though I don’t want to let go of limiting beliefs and fears that keep me from getting what I want, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

You may also use the 10-Step Sequence to immediately release any unwanted emotions at the time you are experiencing the feeling. It is not necessary to verbally express and identify the emotions…just tap and let go! When you make a practice of clearing negative emotions in the moment, you are able to be more centered and at peace with your life.

Focus on Your Choice – To reinforce and choose positive behaviors and affirmations, use the 10- Step Sequence to tap as you focus on your choices. For example, after you have “released anxiety” you can then “choose to be calm”. You can also choose confidence, focus, motivation, joy, freedom, empowerment or any other positive emotion. Start your day with something simple like “Even though I don’t know what today will bring, I choose to be calm and confident and handle things with grace and ease.”

Sometimes things are not within our control. Sometimes we can’t seem to stop thinking about upsetting things. For this, make a choice. Tap “I choose to be at peace with (whatever/whoever) and I deeply and completely accept myself.” Or simply, “I choose to be at peace with all that is.”

Re-Mind Yourself – Re-live and re-experience what already feels good. Tap, “I choose to remember when…”, as you evoke compelling, positive and powerful memories to remind yourself of little flashes of pleasure. When you focus on positive emotions, you create a boomerang in the realm of fundamental energies which creates more of the same.

There are many ways to fine tune the procedure. Creating the set-up phrase, identifying the problem, or formulating the affirmation or choice, are each very important factors. Please contact a Certified EFT Practitioner for assistance.