Patricia Lynn Belkowitz, M.Msc., C.Ht., EFT

Crystals maintain the balance of the electro-magnetic-field: the balance between the electrical energies surrounding the earth and the magnetic energies between the poles. This same spiraling electrical field and magnetic polarity exist within each atom and each sub-atomic particle, within each cell and organ, within each living and non-living thing and within the human aura.

In 1973, three Russians hypothesized a matrix of cosmic energy. They traced a latticework pattern of electromagnetic energy that geometrically subdivided the earth’s face into a combination of two shapes – an icosahedron and a dodecahedron (shapes found naturally in crystal formations). The positioning of these lines explains various natural phenomena such as high and low barometric pressure and magnetic deviations as well as migration routes. When envisioned as a lattice over the earth’s surface, the icosa-dodecahedron grid was found to correspond with the birthplaces of ancient civilization. Some sources liken these power centers to the chakras of the body.

The earth is a living organism. The ancient Chinese articulated an underlying energy they called chi (prana in Sanskrit). There are three different kids of chi. One circulates the atmosphere, one flows through the earth and one is in our bodies. We are a microcosm of the macrocosm.

The cosmic current is the energy force that includes all the scientifically described energies that interact to create magnetism and gravity. This current carries the specific vibrations from each planet and star. The signals are experienced as invisible rays of energy.

We receive or respond to higher or lower rates of energy or light through the extended body. In the nearly non-physical dimension of light, quantity of light is far less important than quality. And quality is dependent upon frequency, which we experience as color.

Color is light that is directed by the rays of a certain planet or star. Light as we know it has a vibrational rate, or wavelength. The range of this visible light is what we call the spectrum. Wavelengths of color longer than our range of vision are referred to as radio waves or infrared. Those shorter than our visual range are ultraviolet, x-ray or cosmic. We obtain information about the world around us through the sensory interpretation of light.

By understanding that the chakras, within the extended energy body, respond to the energy of the color rays directed by the energy currents of the universe, we can then understand how crystals and colored gemstones can be used to affect the energy in a specific chakra, thereby aiding health and well-being.