Patricia Lynn Belkowitz, M.Msc., C.Ht., EFT


Do you know what a switchword is? The term was introduced by Sigmund Freud in 1905, but it wasn’t until 1963 that Chicago-based ad man, James T Mangan, devised the first list of switchwords. These “magic” words were published in his book, The Secret of Perfect Living.   Apparently, these words are universal flip switches in 95 -100% of people.

A switchword is just an everyday word that “switchs on” your subconscious mind. Since your subconscious mind controls your actions and decisions, it is in your best interest to talk directly to it when you want to make a change in your life. You may be familiar with affirmations which help you to program yourself for success. An affirmation is a positive choice and goal statement, written in the first person present tense format. It is a contract with yourself about doing something specific.

An effective affirmation must include your goal or desire as well as the emotions you will feel when you have attained the goal. An example might be, “I am surprised and delighted that I am receiving cash and income from new and unexpected sources.” By using cursive handwriting, or scripting, when you write your affirmations, you bypass the critical area of mind which allows the thoughts and ideas to directly enter the subconscious mind. As you accept this new program into your consciousness, you begin to release the old program, moving one step closer to the life you want. A switchword is a one-word affirmation or a one-word creative declaration. It brings your creative energy into a greater focus in the now moment. A switchword contains the essence of an experience, a condition or a feeling. Switch words bypass the active mind and directly plant the idea into the subconscious mind and manifestation takes place. This saves a lot of time and energy.

When you declare, affirm, chant, sing, or even just consciously think and mentally focus or “intend” the switchword, the desired result will appear. It works just like turning on a light with a switch. There are five essential switchwords I suggest you think about every day.

  1. James Mangan discovered that the switchword TOGETHER is the master key. The word is a hypnotic suggestion of oneness with All That Is. It opens the door to the Akashic records, the vast storehouse of knowledge that is within. Mangan believed that TOGETHER is the Master switchword for “a life of heaven on Earth and mastery of any task at hand”. The word brings you together within yourself, aligning conscious, subconscious and superconscious mind.
  2. REACH helps you to find things – lost objects, solutions to problems, forgotten information, ideas and inspiration. Some aspect of you knows, and REACH helps makes the connection!
  3. DIVINE helps you to increase your personal ability and create extraordinary accomplishments. DIVINE works miracles.
  4. BE helps you to be at peace and to be in a state of physical wellness. It shields you from negativity.
  5. COUNT helps you to make money and brings financial abundance.

You may have a personal switchword that is very powerful in helping you to focus on your goals. Using switchwords is a simple and very effective way to enjoy increased creative power. It is fun and satisfying to accomplish your goals and increase your prosperity. We can all use a little help with mastering life. A switchword is a good place to begin.