Patricia Lynn Belkowitz, M.Msc., C.Ht., EFT



Every morning when you awaken, you have an opportunity to begin again. You are reborn because “Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life.” You may open your eyes to the same surroundings, but you are given the chance to see things from a different perspective. A new day gives new choices. When you are conscious of the choices, you do better. You are given the gift of possibility; the ability to create. Each morning offers hope. Life begins. Each one of us is given 24 hours every day. What will you make of the day? How will you greet the dawn?

Our ancestors knew the mystery of the night. They embraced the darkness as an invitation to go within; to enter the dream state. The ancient ones knew that there was knowledge to be found in dreaming. They were grateful for the morning light and the gift of another day of life. In our modern world, we live in an environment that separates us from the natural light of day. We often wake before the dawn and turn on the lights to begin the day. We keep them on long after the sun has set. We fail to notice the sky as the sun rises or sets. Even though we are “civilized”, our bodies are still tuned to the natural circadian rhythms which respond primarily to light and darkness in our environment. These rhythms are physical, mental and behavioral changes that follow a daily cycle. They can influence sleep-wake cycles, hormone release, digestion, temperature and other bodily functions. We are designed as beings of light; spiritual beings having a physical experience. When we remember our connection, we are more balanced in body, mind and spirit.

Deng Ming-Dao is an author, artist, and book designer. His latest book is Each Journey Begins With a Single Step. His thoughts on the sacredness of a new day are worth sharing.

All we need is the morning. 
As long as there is sunrise, then there is the possibility that we can

face all of our misfortunes, 
celebrate all our blessings, 
and live all our endeavors as human beings. 

Spirituality is something that has become necessary in these troubled times. 
Yet it is inherently superfluous. 
We need it to remind ourselves, 
to bolster ourselves, 
to integrate ourselves, 
to fulfill ourselves.

If we could simply acknowledge 
the mystery of night 
and the glory of morning, 
we would need neither civilization nor spirituality. 
At its simplest, life begins with dawn. 
That is blessing enough. 
All else becomes fullness immeasurable. 

At dawn, kneel down and give thanks for this wonderful event. 
We may think mornings are so common they are unworthy of veneration, 
but do you realize most places in the cosmos do not have mornings?

This daily event is our supreme goodness. 

Greet the dawn.
That is your miracle to witness. 
That is the ultimate beauty. 
That is sacredness. 
That is your gift from heaven. 
That is your omen of prophesy. 
That is knowledge that life is not futile. 
That is enlightenment. 
That is your meaning in life.
That is your directive. 
That is your comfort. 
That is the solemnity of duty. 
That is inspiration for compassion. 
That is the light of the ultimate.”

-Deng Ming-Dao


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