Patricia Lynn Belkowitz, M.Msc., C.Ht., EFT


Sometimes we get anxious. We start to think about things we don’t want. We consider how we lack something. We worry that we don’t know how to get it. We contemplate the future and it scares us. We tell ourselves a story about what we don’t want to happen. Our body doesn’t know the difference between what our mind is imagining and what is really happening. We respond to the imagined threat as if it were real. We hold our breath, anticipating the worse scenario.

To breathe is to be alive. When you inhale, you are energized by the breath. Every inhalation you take activates the sympathetic branch of your nervous system a little bit. If you overreact to something and inhale too much, you can hyperventilate. When you exhale, you are relaxed by the breath. This exhalation activates the parasympathetic branch of your nervous system a little bit. If you overreact, the exhalation may cause you to faint. Your breath goes through natural cycles of energizing you and relaxing you. You don’t have to consciously think about breathing. Your subconscious mind takes care of it for you.

You can choose to intentionally use this rhythm to reliably regulate your nervous system. You can become conscious and focus your attention on your breathing. Notice the sensations of your breath flowing in and out. As you do this, take a moment to experience gratitude for the breath that sustains your physical body.

If your nervous system has become over-activated in the sympathetic state, studies have shown that a deep sigh returns the autonomic nervous system to a more balanced parasympathetic state. A deep sigh is when an inhalation is followed by a longer exhalation. It’s a way of letting go.

Your mind-body connection is a natural way to release tension and frustration. When you’re coping with life’s challenges, you can deliberately shift your physiology into a relieved and more relaxed state simply by focusing on your breath. When you are more relaxed, you are more able to see things in their true perspective. You’re able to choose to respond wisely to what is happening in the moment. You don’t panic when you breathe.

You have the power to reset your emotional and physical self. You do not need to feel anxious by thinking about what you don’t want when you can choose to feel calm or peaceful by thinking about what you do want. Just changing the focus of your thoughts can naturally change the way you are breathing. When you focus on your breath, you are focusing on something positive. You are feeding the cells of your body. You are connecting with Source Energy so that everything works better. Everything is better.


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