Patricia Lynn Belkowitz, M.Msc., C.Ht., EFT

3 White Trees

On April 29, our nation celebrates a holiday about trees. Everyone is encouraged to plant a tree. You may think the holiday is about being “green” or enhancing the ecology and saving the environment. Although that is true, the creator of Arbor Day, J. Sterling Morton had a more philanthropic, humanitarian view of the observance. With a social conscience, he said, “Other holidays repose on the past. Arbor Day proposes the future.”  Lucy Larcom echoed that sentiment when she said,He who plants a tree plants a hope.”   Planting a tree is a belief in the future and a reminder of the cycle of life. We watch a tree grow from a sapling; shedding its leaves and then re-flowering in the spring. A tree is a symbol of life, death and renewal. Trees live for hundreds or even thousands of years, keeping the secrets of the past and keeping watch over the future. In mythology, religion and folklore all over the world, trees are universally revered. The Tree of Life, the Tree of Knowledge or the Cosmic Tree symbolize immortality and a connection between heaven and earth.

Everything in nature vibrates, although at different levels. In many cultures, people believe that trees have a slower energetic vibration and that they are deeply connected to Mother Earth because of their root system. Hugging trees can help us to feel safe and grounded. A walk in the forest amongst the trees provides a feeling of peace and serenity. It can be emotionally healing to connect with the quiet of the woods.

Have you planted a tree? Thomas Fuller says, “He that plants trees loves others beside himself.” When you plant a tree, you plant it for future generations. You plant a tree based on what you believe it will become. The tree will be on the planet long after you are gone. You plant a tree for the world to enjoy. You plant beauty. You believe and trust that it will grow; that it will provide shade or shelter or bear fruit. And it will.

A thought is like a tree. Every thought, word or feeling carries a vibration. Your thoughts right now determine what your future will be like; what your legacy will be. When you start a new job or a new relationship, your thoughts influence how it will grow and how strong it will be. When you raise a child, your thoughts and beliefs determine your child’s future. Your thoughts create the foundation or the root system that you build your life upon. That root system also supports your children and your children’s children. Your thoughts and beliefs influence the future and a world you will not know.

Your thoughts are like little seedlings. You have the ability to plant many seeds of joy throughout your lifetime. You can nurture those joyful thoughts and influence all those who know you. You can create peace and serenity within and radiate the quiet wisdom of an ancient tree. Take the time to observe Arbor Day. Go plant a tree! Or at least hug one! And feel the joy!