Patricia Lynn Belkowitz, M.Msc., C.Ht., EFT



Have you ever experienced some form of pleasure that literally made you moan and cry out…“Oh God!”? Okay, so there may have been a time when chocolate was involved… but more than likely the moment that came to mind was a sexual moment… a moment of physical ecstasy. Just thinking about it feels good, doesn’t it? Try as I might, I can not recall any sensation that compares with the wonder and the glory of the physical pleasure of orgasm.

Sex is a gift. An incredible gift to be savored, appreciated and shared often. It’s like a reward. A special bonus we receive for putting up with all the unpleasant physical things we may experience. We endure the pain of headaches, backaches and fibromyalgia. We cope with runny noses, stuffy noses and bloody noses. We leak, we drip, and we drool. As women, we get the added joy of PMS, menstruation, childbirth and menopause. We tolerate frequent urination, constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. Of course we’re irritable! We often have to deal with all manner of physical challenges in our daily lives. And we need a break.

I think the Grand Master of the Universe decided there should be some compensation for living with all our leaky, messy parts… so orgasmic pleasure was thrown into the mix of fluids and goo. In the excitement of it all, we share sweat and spit. Gushing stuff flows from our bodies. Although clean-up may be a bit of a chore, I don’t mind a little wet spot. I think it’s worth it, don’t you?

Our impulse for pleasure is never wrong. Pleasure is the way the body expresses well-being. We find pleasure by satisfying our senses in many ways. We enjoy the bounty of nature: the vibrant colors; the majestic beauty; the serenity. We are inspired and delighted by the emotional expression of art and music and create joy in the process of creating and appreciating it. We take pleasure in the flavors and textures of our favorite foods: sweet, savory, smooth, creamy, crisp and crunchy. We relish finger-licking, lip-smacking, melt-in-your mouth yummy. And we like to share.

Each of us finds pleasure in their own unique way, but I think it’s likely that most of us will agree that we find pleasure when we experience sex. Orgasmic pleasure transcends all others. It’s pretty special. It is mind-altering, knee-wobbling, breath-gasping joy made even more delicious because it is communion.

I read where researchers have proven that orgasm occurs in the mind as well as in the body. Were you aware that when orgasmic energy is created in the two hemispheres of the higher brain… it results in an altered state of consciousness? Physical bliss may actually create connection with the Divine. Maybe that’s why we cry out “Oh God!”

As physical beings, we are biologically programmed to pursue and receive sensual pleasure. We think sexy thoughts and our bodies respond with a flood of hormones.   Equipped with sensitive buttons, gearshift knobs and zones of delight, we are perfect machines built for pleasure. And pleasure continues to get better when we are comfortable with the operating system. In fact, you can actually pleasure yourself to a state of better health and well-being. Did you know that if you have 200 orgasms a year, you can reduce your physiological age by six years? How about that! Sex will not only put a smile on your face, it will give you a face-lift! Better than Botox!

Sex rewards us with a feeling of well-being in our body. We are filled with endorphins, our pleasure hormones. We feel really, really good! By delighting our senses, we are connected to joy and happiness. By experiencing bliss, we are creating health.

Is it selfish or hedonistic to focus on the pleasures of the healthy, physical body? Perhaps not. Each one of us is responsible for creating our own life and our own vision of joy and happiness. We will receive exactly what we are thinking about. Whenever we are focusing on something, we are creating it. As we focus on that which brings us well-being… as we focus on love and pleasure… we are actively creating a positive force in the Universe.

I think the world needs more love and pleasure. I think we need to focus on the good things. And I think the world definitely needs more of the “Oh, God!” moments, don’t you? I plan to do my part to create more joy! How about you? What are you waiting for? Go indulge in a glorious act of creation. Go create bliss. Do it enthusiastically. Do it often. Come together. You’ll be happier. The world will be a better place.