Patricia Lynn Belkowitz, M.Msc., C.Ht., EFT


Two friends recently attended a function where a raffle was being held. The raffle prizes were a variety of gift baskets. Since it was a charitable organization, they purchased several tickets to support the cause with the intention of splitting any prize they won. After leaving the event, they began to discuss the baskets and consider what they might win. There were several baskets which would have been a perfect match for them. They talked briefly about the virtues of the baskets they would like to win. And then they considered the one basket which was clearly not for them. In fact, they didn’t even know anyone they could give it to.

As they talked, they began to focus on That basket. They giggled at the prospect of winning That basket. They groaned about having bad luck should they win That basket. They wouldn’t know what to do with That basket. The conversation went on for some time as they thought about That basket. That was the basket they did not want!

Later that evening one of the friends received a call from the organization informing her that she was the lucky winner of That basket. She had received just what she did not want. When she shared the story with me, I began to laugh. I said, “Do you realize that this is a perfect example of what I teach? A perfect example about how to manifest?” And then I reminded her about how your thoughts are creating your life experience.

As you think, you create. Even when you are thinking about what you don’t want. It is Very Important to remember that you must always think about what you want…even if you don’t believe it. Yet. As you think that thought over and over again, it will become a belief.

You are in control of your thought. If it is a negative thought, you will feel it. Stop it. Choose another thought. A positive thought that makes you feel better. Focus on that thought. Do it Now. Repeat.

When you think about what you want, you often receive it. When you think about what you don’t want, you often receive it. Isn’t it better to receive what you want? Isn’t it better to attract positive experiences? You have the power to do that. The power of your thoughts. The power of your mind.