Patricia Lynn Belkowitz, M.Msc., C.Ht., EFT

 “Our first and last love is self love.” ~ Christian Nevell Bovee


            Loving yourself allows you to love others. It allows peace of mind and a sense of contentment. When you love yourself, you respect yourself; you respect your body and your life. Loving yourself allows you to love and connect with all of humanity.  You are more understanding of your limitations and more aware of your strengths.

            Accepting yourself as you are right now is empowering. This allows a sense of value and worth regardless of your size, age, weight or level of fitness; regardless of your job, your status, your level of education, your wealth. Accepting yourself allows you to celebrate the glorious and unique being that you are. It also helps you to be more accepting of others.

             Pleasuring yourself is an instinctive act. As human beings, our lives are based on a pain/pleasure reward system. We are programmed to seek out physical, sensual pleasure; whether thru food, sunshine or sex. Our desire for pleasure is a physical form of yearning for the divine.

            The more we experience pleasure, the more pleasure we can experience. Each time we experience pleasure, we literally create neural pathways which induce the pleasure response throughout our bodies. As we experience pleasure, within our brain we “click” our amygdala forward to the frontal lobes, which results in and reinforces more creative and imaginative thinking. Pleasure also produces the hormonal release of endorphins, creating a healthier body and a sense of well being.

           Each one of us must embrace the secret, private pleasures that feed our souls and enrich our lives. We must love ourselves enough to accept what gives us pleasure and actively seek it out.

           Follow these simple rules to happiness: Love Yourself. Accept Yourself. Pleasure Yourself.